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Tampons & young girls

Tampons & young girls

Tampons & young girls


The first bleeding means a new stage in life for young girls. It is a stage which they must get used to. This is also the case for the body. Menstruation is irregular at the beginning.

It normally takes several months until the cycle finds its rhythm and one can actually get pregnant. Tampons may be used from the beginning however. It is best for young girls to experiment and find out what suits them best: tampons or pads. The insertion of tampons needs to be practiced and one should always begin with MINIS, the smallest size.

Tips: As a young girl, you should try tampons out on the day in which your bleeding is relatively strong. Inserting a tampon into a dry vagina can be unpleasant and may not work very well. If you are afraid that there might be some leakage, you can use a pad or panty liner for extra security. After a while, you will become more familiar with your cycle and will be able to judge the extent of bleeding better and know when you have to change your tampon.

Tampons are certainly more practical than pads during sports, for example.

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Tampons & young girls

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