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skincare with orangeblue cosmetic

skincare with orangeblue cosmetic


is becoming increasingly important in the routine of women’s care. It has been shown that the appearance of the skin over the years improves in women who began their facial care at 16-18 years.

Healthy skin is one that is free of pathological processes and requires facial care without requiring medications or lotions to treat conditions such as acne, people with any pathology requires a facial routine with specific products for their condition.

We will talk about the healthy skin and the skincare that it deserves. Healthy skins or normal skins, depend on the phototype (skin color), type (normal, dry, fat or mixed) and the age of the person. The skincare required by each type of skin will vary depending on the age and needs of the woman.

Each age has its requirement and basic principles to have a proper facial care but the golden rule of skincare is to have a daily facial routine with these steps that cannot miss your day to day.

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