good-bye Tampon disposal box holder

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good-bye Tampon Disposal Box Holder

How you like would for your tampons to be ready to use and stored in an elegant dispenser, available in your bathroom around the clock?

The good-bye tampon disposal box holder provided by orange-blue was specially created to hold your good-bye Tampons. Forget about keeping your box with tampons randomly around the bathroom, when you can solve this problem in an elegant manner.

The good-bye Disposal Box Holder is a beautiful box made out of metal that can be attached to a wall inside your bathroom or guests toilet. You can put your tampons inside the box and use them each time you need it. And there is more to it, as the box also has an extra drawer that can be used for storing a whole box of tampons, so you will never run out of tampons.

Choose any of the available colors for your good-bye Disposal Box Holder, as it comes in dark blue, light blue, or white, which fits the décor of your bathroom. You will certainly love this practical accessory for your bathroom, which holds your tampons in the upper part, while the drawer in the bottom part allows you to store an extra box of tampons, just in case.

A confident woman always knows what she needs and she is ready to tackle any situation at all times. The good-bye Holder will allow you to manage those special days of the month in a practical, comfortable, and hygienic manner. It is the type of product that shouldn’t miss from the bathroom of every woman out there.


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