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good-bye Starter Kit

good-bye Starter Kit

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Choose to be well-prepared for your next period in the best way possible with the good-bye Starter Kit. orange-blue decided to make that period of the month special for every woman out there because each deserves to feel comfortable and confident no matter what.

Thus, the

good-bye Starter Kit

came to life, which is composed out a box of good-bye Tampons, good-bye Holder, and the disposal hygiene box. This way, you will have everything you need to manage your sensitive days of the month easy, elegantly, and hygienically.

The good-bye Tampons

are made to be extremely soft, due to their fleece outer layer, and also feature a rounded tip, for extremely easy and comfortable insertion. They rapidly adjust to the shape of your body, so that you enjoy the amount of protection you need. Just choose the size appropriate for your flow.

The good-bye Holder

is a practical dispenser for your tampons, made out of metal, which can be attached to a wall in your bathroom, so you will have tampons ready to be used at all times. With its help, you won’t need to leave your box of tampons laying around, but have these products in reach whenever you need them. Last, but not least, the disposal box, which is the centerpiece of our kit, will help you get rid of used tampons in an easy and hygienic manner.

The good-bye hygiene disposal box

comes equipped with 35 small plastic bags that you can use to safely store each used tampon while allowing you to throw them away in a container that is secured with a rubber opening and hinged lid. This way, there is no risk for unpleasant odors to escape the box.

As you can see, that time of the month just became more pleasant with the help of the good-bye Starter Kit. This kit provides everything you need to be ready when your period starts while offering the comfort and hygiene you need during your period.

Forget about used tampons that are disposed of in an inadequate manner, about unwanted odors coming from your garbage bin, about tampon boxes laying around in your bathroom, or tampons that are not sufficiently soft or comfortable for you. Give this kit a chance and you will see the bright side of those particular days of the month.

3 reviews for good-bye Starter Kit

  1. Nora K.

    I always love being prepared for every situation, as it gives me the feeling of being in control. Being a woman also means to be ready for that part of the month, so I was extremely intrigued by this kit as soon as I came across it. The fact that it provides everything you need, including a safe depositing box for used tampons, won me over. I must also add that the tampons are of exceptional quality. They are very soft and effective at the same time. With this product, I often forget that I am on the period, this how comfortable everything is.

  2. Barbara W.

    I was always bothered by the fact that my tampons were stored in a place and I had to dispose of them in another place. This can be quite unpleasant, especially when you’re on the period and on the rush at the same time. The Good-Bye Starter Kit gave me a chance to change all these, giving me the possibility to have clean tampons in handy at all times while providing the ideal solution for disposing of them as well. This is the kind of kit that should be in the bathroom of every woman out there, as it is extremely practical if you ask me. I was so thrilled with my new finding that I even shared my secret with some of my friends and they all loved it.

  3. Sabine S.

    When my daughter started her teenage years, I knew I had to get her ready for what it means to be a woman. So, when I came across the Good-Bye Starter Kit, I thought that it will be the perfect gift and reason for starting a conversation about menstruation and self-care during this period. The kit provides everything a woman needs to handle those special days of the month, so I decided to get one for myself as well. My daughter loved the gift and appreciated all the information and pieces of advice I gave her. She already had an idea about what is going on during menstruation, but nothing beats a good mother-daughter conversation.

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