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orange-blue Q10 Facial Cream

orange-blue Q10 Facial Cream

“Protect the natural beauty and youthful look of your skin”

The face is the one that represents us in society, the central piece of our look, but also the one that is most aggressed by external factors. If the rest of the body is covered and protected to a certain degree, our face constantly has to withstand a wide range of disturbing factors. Makeup, wind, sun, rain, cold, hot, dust, pollutants, but also stress and internal factors, such as a bad diet and aging processes, they all take a toll on your face’s skin.

Taking proper care of your face is recommended to start from an early age, so it is even more necessary as time passes by. So, the Orange-Blue Q10 Facial Cream was made to answer to the increasing needs of a maturing skin. Together with the passing of years, your face will need a higher degree of hydration, nutrition, and protection, and this can be achieved only with the right mixture of ingredients. Besides this, the cell layers in the skin must be stimulated to continue producing collagen and new cells, which is also achieved by providing the right elements.

The cream was made to promote cellular regeneration and support the skin’s natural rejuvenation processes. It does this with the help of the Q10 coenzyme, vitamins A, B, Provitamin, C, E, H, Ginkgo, Jojoba, Centella, and Avocado oils, and wheat germ bio-vector. The result is a nourished and deeply hydrated skin that looks radiant, plump, and healthy. Fine lines and wrinkles will be visibly reduced and the skin tightened, so you can look years younger.

Apply this facial cream on your face twice a day, in the morning and evening, on a thoroughly cleaned skin and with gentle massage movements.

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