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orange-blue hand cream with Aloe Vera

orange-blue hand cream with Aloe Vera

Our hands are exposed to external factors just as much as our face, if not even more. They also have to withstand a variety of chemicals substances, present in the cleaning products we use on a daily basis, which can speed the aging of our hands.

Unfortunately, the hands are the first that show signs of aging, making a proper care routine necessary for the health and beauty of our hands. Having presentable, smooth, and beautiful hands is something that everybody wishes. But, no one appreciates using a greasy hand cream that will keep them from doing their usual daily activities.

The best wellness treatment for your hands!

The orange-blue Hand Cream managed to find a formula that is light and fast absorbing, avoiding that unpleasant greasy sensation. All you will feel are smooth and hydrated hands. The best part is that due to the lack of fragrances, this hand cream is suitable to be used both by women and men alike.

Forget about dry and cracked hands. It’s time to enjoy soft hands that look amazing every moment of the day and night. Packed with high amounts of Aloe Vera gel, known for its regenerative and healing properties, this hand cream is more than capable of providing the level of care your hands need. It doesn’t matter what your daily activities are, as this is one product you can rely on in every situation.

Apply a small quantity of cream on the hands each time you feel the need, even when you’re on the go.

quickly absorbing

non-greasy hand cream

ideal for mobile and tablet users



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