There’s quite a hype around micellar water and micellar cleansing products these days. What are they more precisely? And, above all, why should you choose a micellar face cleansing gel instead of anything else? Before we get to micellar cleansing gel, let us start with the basics, and that is micellar water. Micellar water bases its functioning properties on the existence of minuscule balls of oil. These balls of oil float in liquid or water, as it is called, as oil cannot mix with water. In this case, the water is the carrier of these oil balls. The oil balls have the power to clean the skin, by attracting impurities on their surface. So, this is how micellar water helps you clean your skin.

The times when we used to wash our faces with soap and water are long gone. New and better methods are being developed, and micellar water or cleansing gel are some of them. According to dermatologists, oil micelles are more effective at removing dirt particles from the surface of the skin. This is because impurities can stick to the surface of the oil micelles and are, therefore, cleaned off much better. But, micellar water of micellar cleansing gel can do much more than just to simply clean your skin. Because it has a high content of water, it can also be used as a moisturizer. Without even realizing, you are enjoying two major benefits in one single product. You get your skin cleaned and hydrated at the same time.

Why micellar face cleansing gel and not micellar water?

micellar cleansing gel

If you check store shelves, you’ll see that micellar water is more common than micellar cleansing gel. Yes, micellar water was the first that emerged in this sector, but that doesn’t mean we can’t evolve. Because it has a denser texture, the micellar face cleansing gel is more effective than mere micellar water. Also, it has the ability to carry a higher number of components. Thus, in the case of the orangeblue Micellar Face Cleansing Gel, vitamins are a part of it. This cleansing gel is improved with small capsules containing vitamins A and E. They burst on the surface of the skin each time you use the product. So, your skin gets the nutrition and protection it needs while you clean it.

You will love it!

Besides effective micelles and vitamins, the orangeblue Face Cleansing Gel also contains pentylene glycol. Even if it sounds like a bad chemical, it is not. This particular compound is a powerful moisturizer that will soften your skin. So, after each use of the product, you will certainly sense a difference in terms of softness and smoothness. The best part when using this cleansing gel is that you don’t require rinsing with water. Simply remove the product off your face with the help of a cotton pad. The result will be purified, clean, and soft skin. You’ll be able to sense the difference right away.

If you don’t like the oily sensation most cleansers leave behind, a micellar gel is the best product for you. If you travel a lot and may not always have access to clean water, a micellar gel will help out. Because it doesn’t need rinsing and has a high content of water, this product is the ideal solution for both cases. It is suitable, of course, for every practical person that wises something fast and effective. Cleaning your skin in the evening and removing makeup was never easier. You don’t have to trust our word, but try it out and see for yourself. Once you get your hands on a cleansing micellar gel, you won’t want to use anything else.

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