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As women, we need to feel fresh, confident, and beautiful, this is why orangeblue created ideal INTIMATE CARE products. INTIMATE CARE with Intimissimo from orangeblue containing avocado oil and aloe vera extract. The foam created especially for intimate care and protection is gentle and easy to use, so you’ll feel fresh and amazing every single day.

Enjoy intimate care with “orangeblue INTIMISSIMO”

orangeblue uses a formula that is free of any harmful component that can disturb the balance of your intimate area, like fragrances, parabens, and other chemicals. The result is a delicate foam that will help you enjoy a sensation of freshness throughout the day. The practical dispenser will allow you to dose the perfect amount of foam you need for each use, so this will be a product you will enjoy and feel fresh for quite a while.






Anti-Aging Treatment






Paraffin free










Mineral Oil Free


Dermatological tested



for daily intimate hygiene

That’s what our customers say about our intimate care

orangeblue Intimissimo

Back in my days, talking about intimate hygiene was quite taboo and there weren’t really any special care products available for this purpose. I am happy to see that things have changed and that we, as women, can take care of ourselves as we deserve. I am extremely happy with the Orange-Blue INTIMISSIMO because it looks like a regular personal care product, so I don’t have to hide it while offering delicate but effective care every single day. My favorite details is that fact that it comes in the form of foam, and not gel, which is easier to dose and won’t drip between my fingers.

Charlotte N.

Senior business woman

orange-blue INTIMiSSIMO

As a mother, hygiene is very important and I always educated my daughter to be careful when it comes to her personal hygiene. Now that she is a teenager, I had to move to the next level and tell her intimate cleaning. But, for this, I wanted to find a safe and reliable product that wouldn’t harm her sensitive skin and cause her any discomforts. When I found this product, I decided to try it on my own first. After seeing just how gentle it is and experiencing the fresh sensation it leaves behind, I knew that my daughter was going to love it, so I immediately ordered another bottle. She really appreciated the gift and uses it with regularity, so we are both very happy with the product’s quality and natural ingredients.

Petra H.


orange-blue Intimissimo

My job puts me on the road quite often and it is really uncomfortable to pack all my personal care products along, as they make my luggage heavy, not to mention that they got spilled inside the luggage and created a real mess. I was extremely happy when I found this intimate washing foam. I knew that the recipient must be lighter, plus this is the kind of product I would never leave behind. So, it was a real relief to find an alternative to the traditional gel, which is so easy and convenient to use while on the go, providing that fresh sensation we all need on a daily basis.

Bettina F.

Business woman

feel good with


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