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What is goodbye?

What is goodbye?

The disposal of the future - a disposal box and tampon dispenser in one!

The woman of today needs a safe, practical and modern solution for the hygienic handling of her menstrual protection.

How are tampons actually disposed of?
In fact, all current solutions are impractical - Time for change!

Tampon disposal made easy!

A small hygienic bag is dispensed from the front of the box, into which the used tampon is placed. The filled bag is now conveyed into the inside of the box with the special “G4 One” opening at the top. An ingenious lock seals this opening. This prevents smells from escaping as well as stopping the inside from being visible. The back of the box is perforated and facilitates easy removal of the full inner bag in order to dispose of it in household waste. The “G4 One” opening with the “G4 One” lock was specially developed for goodbye. The material was also specially developed for this box. Result: the mechanism is sealed and precise.

Bye bye goodbye : But we need something environmentally friendly!

Environmentally friendly waste disposal? Not a problem with goodbye. The back of the package is perforated and easy to rip open. After that, the collection bag is disposed of in normal waste, the cardboard in the packaging waste. An option that is particularly important in light of the European waste disposal system.

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