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This is how goodbye works

This is how goodbye works

A small hygienic bag is dispensed from the front of the box. The used tampon is placed into this bag, which is opened by exerting light pressure on the sides with the thumb and index finger. In a clean and elegant way, and touching only the cord, you can make the tampon disappear.

The hinged lid on top is opened by pressing lightly. Inside the box is an integrated disposal space.

The opening is closed off with a special lock mechanism specially designed for goodbye. If the box has already been used during the menstruation period, the clever mechanism spares you the unwanted view inside – even with the lid open – and prevents any smells from escaping.

The small hygienic bag, along with the tampon, can now disappear without any fuss under the lid and into the inside of the box. Quick and easy, with maximum hygienic comfort! The lid is closed by pressing lightly and clicks into place. Sophisticated technology makes it impossible for the lid to spring open.

Another advantage: The service-box for tampons

Press lightly and the drawer pops open. Now you can comfortably take out a new tampon. The drawer holds – depending on size – between 40 and 72 tampons. A light touch and the drawer clicks back into place – making it impossible for the drawer to hang open.

The back of the box is perforated and facilitates easy opening. The full inner bag now only needs to be closed and disposed of in the household waste.

goodbye - a complete system!

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