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SHOP INTRODUCTION ** Orangeblue Cosmetics

It’s my pleasure today to introduce a new cooperation partner you will be hearing and seeing more and more about at my end. The magic word is “Orangeblue Cosmetics”!

The company Orangeblue Cosmetics is based in Luxembourg, and the company naturally also delivers to Germany and other countries. The company’s products are free of parabens and mineral oils, which those with sensitive skin will be happy to hear. “These products communicate with the skin,” the company says. My first thought: What, now? Can the cream talk?

And then there’s a term that even made me stop and think for a minute. DIFFUSE! The products diffuse in the skin. OKAY, before you hit me because I’m using too much jargon, let me explain what that means. Actually, all it means is that the cream absorbs into the skin, where it deposits between the skin cells, for example, with effects such as plumping up the skin. *That’s putting it very simple terms, so all you pros out there, don’t scold me.*

This effect – which should actually be normal – causes the products to absorb quickly and moisturize and nourish the skin. Not every cream, especially in the body lotion segment, absorbs quickly. They often either leave a greasy film on the skin, or you feel like the cream was never there at all.

The online shop The website contains several sections, including a shop. **Men can feel free to skip this section.** The products on offer there include a hygiene box, which I think is awesome and absolutely must have. It contains integrated little bags and a box that can be used to dispose of used tampons. No mess, no smell, and you don’t see what’s inside. The box also naturally gives the tampons a spot where they are protected from prying eyes. Once the inner liner is full, it can be closed and thrown away. Definitely a great idea for tampon users!

The cosmetic section offers not only body lotions and creams, but also shower gel and intimate cleansing lotion. One thing I find especially wonderful is the makeup, which I am currently using myself and will introduce to you, too, soon. The shop features a small selection of products, so it is not overloaded, which is something I find tough about some online shops. If there are too many products in a shop, I get flustered because I don’t know which one to choose. That’s why I find this product range just right.

I use the hand cream daily and think it’s great. It absorbs quickly, smells good, and is moisturizing. It provides a feeling of nourishment right away, and the most important thing is that it doesn’t leave the hands sticky. The cream contains aloe vera, and at €2.95, it is simply WONDERFUL!

Aside from the hand cream, I’d also like to recommend another product that I have already fallen in love with: the intimate cleansing foam with avocado oil and aloe vera. Many intimate cleansing products are either extremely “chamomile-heavy” or have a strange texture. This foam is super lightweight and has a pleasant scent. At €9.95, it is an excellent mid-range product in the intimate cleansing area and should definitely be on your shopping list when you go to Orangeblue Cosmetics.

I will certainly be showcasing other products over the next few weeks, since it is always important to take a closer look at products before I present them to you. I’m excited and look forward to a wonderful time with the products from Orangeblue.

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