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Daily body care and hygiene go hand in hand. Striking the perfect balance to achieve both cleanliness and body care effects in many different areas – that’s what the orange-blue hygiene products are designed to do. With our products, hygiene is child’s play, delivering many positive effects and benefits for your sense of well-being and hygiene – and healthy skin you can feel. From unique intimate luxury cleansing foam to highly innovative, user-friendly tampons, orange-blue makes it easier for you to stay clean and comfortable. But orange-blue goes one step further! We not only have a solution ready for practical tampon use, but also for clean, uncomplicated disposal. The Hygiene Box, designed to dispose of used tampons, is also a patented orange-blue invention. To go with it, we have developed tampons with maximum comfort zones. Check out our range of practical, intelligent hygiene products and our innovative portfolio to pamper you and make you feel good, day after day!

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