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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How often must tampons be changed?

This depends on the how heavy the menstruation is. The rule of thumb is every four to six hours. In general, a tampon should never remain in the body for longer than eight hours! If a tampon leaks or if it is too dry, a larger or smaller size should be used. Bleeding is generally the heaviest during the first days of the period and then it subsides little by little. The tampon size should be adjusted according to the flow during the course of menstruation.


Can a tampon get lost in my body?

No. The opening of the uterus is too small to allow a tampon to get through. Important: be sure to insert the tampon so that the removal cord hangs outside the body. This cord helps you to remove the tampon easily. If you cannot find the removal cord anymore, wait until the tampon is full (while remembering that the tampon can only stay a maximum of eight hours in the body), then try to press it out with clean fingers over the toilet. If this does not work, contact a doctor. Used tampons which remain in the body for too long could, in rare cases, lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.


Could I become deflowered by using tampons?

Not as a rule. The hymen can stretch and has a small opening through which the menstruation blood can flow. A tampon can normally fit though this hole. Just to be sure, you should only use the small size tampons.


Why is it so hard to remove the tampon?

If the bleeding is no longer heavy, it could be that the tampon is drying out the vagina and simply will not allow itself to be removed easily. In this case, a smaller size should be used.


How do I know that the tampon is in place and will not slide out while I am moving?

A tampon is held in place by internal muscles. If you can still feel it, it is not sitting deeply enough. It is perfectly in place when you no longer notice that you have inserted a tampon.


Do I have to change tampons after I go to the toilet?

No. It is practical to change tampons after going to the toilet, but only if this is necessary. You can take care of all of your ‘business’ without having to change the tampon. This is due to the fact that the ureter and anus are separated from the vagina. It is, however, advisable to avoid any contamination of the withdrawal thread.


How should I dispose of the tampon?

Not in the toilet! Tampons can block the toilet drain. goodbye has developed the ideal disposal solution!

Matter of practice: the disposal of tampons


What would happen if I left a tampon in my body?

Remove it quickly or have your doctor remove it! At the end of your period, be sure to remember to remove the last tampon. This will avoid serious infections.


Can I use a tampon twice?

No. Please be sure to always use a new one!

Please note that our tips are for informative purposes only and can never replace medical advice. This information cannot be used to make a diagnosis or to carry out treatment. If you are unsure, consult with your gynecologist and attend regular medical examinations!

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