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What the product promises:

  1. Greater moisture for the skin, 24-hour nourishment
  2. Fresh scent
  3. Diffuses into the skin → pores do not become enlarged
  4. Tiny visible blood vessels under the skin disappear with regular use
  5. With SPF 15 and two tones (light/dark, additional tones to follow in the future)

My opinion:
This product really nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The consistency is a bit thicker than with other creams, but it feels light on the skin. It has a very clean scent, smells a bit like soap, and is very pleasant. No matter how much I applied, it still feels as if there is only a very thin layer on my skin. It does not feel sticky or like a mask (as some other CC creams do), and after a certain amount of time, you completely forget that you’re wearing makeup. As for whether the visible blood vessels disappear, I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks!

This before/after photo shows that almost all of my moles are covered. The spots on my chin are no longer visible, and my pores have not become enlarged. The areas of redness above my eyebrows and on my nose have also become barely visible, the dark circles under my eyes are less visible, and my cheeks have much more shine than before.

In summary, I would say this CC cream really nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It feels pleasantly soft, and you hardly notice that you have anything on. The scent is very light, and the coverage is just right for me. I would definitely recommend it, and I am convinced that it delivers excellent value for the money, at 14.95 € for 70 ml. It has also really earned the name goodbye make-up!

Have you heard of this CC cream? Have you tried it out?

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