good-bye tampon

good-bye tampon
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  • GB10004

Tampons make life easier. Beyond that, good-bye tampons also offer maximum comfort. The soft sheath and the rounded tip make it possible for insertion and disposal to be particularly gentle. Whether at work, while doing sports or relaxing at home: Tampons have become an indispensable part of the everyday life of modern women and girls. They make life easier and are very simple to use. Please use the smallest possible size for your individual flow level.

For light flow and beginners: good-bye mini
For light to medium flow: good-bye normal
For medium to heavy flow: good-bye super

Please read our instructions leaflet carefully to ensure trouble-free use of these user-friendly sanitary products.

Composition: good-bye tampons distinguish themselves with their extremely soft composition. Gentle insertion and removal thanks to the round caps and soft fleece cover, pleasant and effortless. The special grove design allows the good-bye tampon to expand evenly which.

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