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Did you know that the dust in our homes is mostly made out of dead skills cells that we shed every day? Yes, our skin is the largest organ of our body, which means that it breathes, grows, and renews itself. Dead skin cells fall off every day, just like microscopic scales, as their place is taken by brighter new skin cells. We can help this process so it unrolls with ease, by having an adequate body hygiene. When we clean our skin, we don’t just remove dead skin cells, but also dust and other particles it may accumulate throughout the day.

Feel good with body hygiene from orangeblue every day!

Living in the city and having to face traffic every single day means that our skin is subjected to a wide range of airborne particles, which may clog its pores and create a series of skin issues. orangeblue body hygiene products clean your skin in an effective but gentle manner, by using a hypoallergenic formula. If you want your skin to be properly cleaned, but without being harmed by aggressive soaps, you should try the orangeblue body hygiene products.

orangeblue ShowerGel

Refreshed and revitalized – all over the world Gentle cleansing, head to toe, for the hair and body. Oat extract moisturizes and regenerates. detergent-free.

orangeblue body SCRUB

Made with only the best ingredients, of natural origins, the Orange-Blue Body Scrub is made to be successfully used by people with sensitive skin as well. Apricot and olive kernels will gently remove dead skins while the kukui and almond oil present in the composition of the product will hydrate and regenerate the skin’s layer. Use as indicated on the product’s label and you’ll love being in your own skin day after day.

Body Hygiene

Enjoy the purest feeling every day!

orange-blue INTIMISSIMO Special cleansing and protecting foam for daily intimate hygiene with Avocado oil and Aloe Vera extract! Feel good with orange-blue!

good-bye Tampon Disposal SET

The good-bye hygiene box is the centre-piece of our range. With it you can make used tampons simply “disappear”. And this is how it works: first you take a small plastic bag from the good-bye hygiene box, into which you place the used tampon. You then throw the bag away through an opening in the top of the box. The used tampon is now hygienically packed and stored odor-free.




Anti-Aging Treatment


Silikon Free

Paraffin free





Mineral Oil Free

Dermatological tested

Refreshed and revitalized

That’s what our customers say about our body hygiene products

Body Lotion Shea Butter

I start working very early in the morning, most of the times before the sun is even up. So, I have a quick shower, a cup of coffee, and I start preparing my bakery products. For many years, I avoided using any kinds of creams, as in the warm environment of the bakery’s kitchen, near the ovens, it can get very hot. If I have creams on me, I will start looking oily and feeling greasy. It is a really bad way to start the day. A friend told me about a hand cream he got that wasn’t greasy at all and very pleasant to use. So, I decided to try it myself. I loved it and got the body lotion as well. I use them both at the moment and I never feel any greasiness when I start my work, so I am pleased that I can finally take care of my skin.

Alicia M.


Body Lotion Almond Oil

Many people think that dark skin can withstand sun’s rays better than fair skin. Well, while it is mostly true, dark skin can also get dry, especially around the elbows and knees. My girlfriend always uses body lotions, but I never wanted to smell that perfumed, so I went on with my dry skin, getting used to the thought that body lotions are perfumed and that I cannot use them. But, as my wife was looking for new personal care products, she came across this brand and told me that they have a body lotion that is unscented and with safe and natural ingredients. Since she said that I should give it a chance, I accepted, and now I am glad I did. No more dry skin and all of this without any sweet fragrances or other perfumes that could bother me.

Hanna T.

a student

Body Lotion Shea Butter

I take my beauty ritual seriously because I know that if I want to enjoy a beautiful and healthy skin, I have to take care of it. I am the adept of “prevention is the best safety measure”, so I do my best to give my skin everything it needs, in order to maintain its health. Thus, I use a body scrub once a week and hydrate my skin every day. But, it is rather difficult to find products that actually deliver the results they claim to offer. So, I have been disappointed rather often before. I just wanted a gentle but effective scrub and a hydrating body lotion, finding them both while trying to find products that could answer to the needs of my skin. I love that they are free of any chemicals and harmful ingredients. And I must say that they work amazingly together. I get such smooth skin, almost baby-like if I apply the body lotion after using the body scrub. I got what I asked, so a truly love them both.

Rosa O.

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