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orangeblue body care is dermatologically-tested and made by using natural ingredients. Your skin complexion will regain its radiant appearance and beautiful complexion. With a rich texture and having everything your skin needs, our orangeblue body care products have what it takes to help you enjoy a softer skin, protecting its natural beauty. The orangeblue body care products are allergen, paraben, and cruelty-free products, not having mineral oils in their composition either. Thus, most certainly you will not be disappointed by the orangeblue body care we provide.

orangeblue body lotion shea butter

body care

Soft, pH-neutral body lotion that restores the skin’s oil and moisture balance thanks to its valuable ingredients. Shea Butter in the body lotion ensures an excellent moisturising effect that lasts throughout the day and leaves the skin pleasantly perfumed. Perfect for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

orangeblue body lotion Almond Oil

body care

for sensitive skin Soft texture, easily absorbing body lotion containing natural sweet almond oil. This noble oil efficiently restores and strengthens the natural protective layer of dry skin. The vitarian shea butter intensively adds to its skin softening effect, the irritated rough skin becomes flossy.

orangeblue body lotion Aloe Vera

body care

with the sun-loving power of aloe vera Gentle pH-neutral body lotion pampers your skin with the moisturizing power of aloe vera, keeping skin from overdrying and boosting its natural protective functions. Skin feels toned, smooth, and supple. Special formula makes orange-blue silky smooth to apply, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy! Give your skin truly lasting protection – with orange-blue Body Lotion.

orangeblue body lotion TRIPLEX Anti-Aging


Easily absorbing, clinically tested, soft body lotion. Combining coffeine and Q10 coenzym agents improves skin firmness and promotes toning. Coenzym Q10 energizes, while coffein, due to its powerful degreasing properties, is particularly effective against cellulite and fat deposits. Seven different fruit extracts actively hydrate and revitalise the skin, and the high C-Vitamin content vitalizes the skin.






Anti-Aging Treatment






Paraffin free










Mineral Oil Free


Dermatological tested



for a perfect skin

That’s what our customers say about our body care

Body Lotion Shea Butter

I start working very early in the morning, most of the times before the sun is even up. So, I have a quick shower, a cup of coffee, and I start preparing my bakery products. For many years, I avoided using any kinds of creams, as in the warm environment of the bakery’s kitchen, near the ovens, it can get very hot. If I have creams on me, I will start looking oily and feeling greasy. It is a really bad way to start the day. A friend told me about a hand cream he got that wasn’t greasy at all and very pleasant to use. So, I decided to try it myself. I loved it and got the body lotion as well. I use them both at the moment and I never feel any greasiness when I start my work, so I am pleased that I can finally take care of my skin.

Alicia M.


Body Lotion Shea Butter

Being a mom and taking care of the entire household doesn’t leave me too much time to take care of myself. I barely have a few minutes on my own at the shower before my kids are calling me for something. So, I can only shower quickly and apply a body lotion in just a few minutes. Unlike other body lotions I used before, I like that after using this one I can get dressed right away. My skin absolutely adores it and absorbs it right away. I am ready in no time and can go back to my kids or daily activities fresh each time.

Rosa O.

Body Lotion Almond Oil

Many people think that dark skin can withstand sun’s rays better than fair skin. Well, while it is mostly true, dark skin can also get dry, especially around the elbows and knees. My girlfriend always uses body lotions, but I never wanted to smell that perfumed, so I went on with my dry skin, getting used to the thought that body lotions are perfumed and that I cannot use them. But, as my girlfriend was looking for new personal care products, she came across this brand and told me that they have a body lotion that is unscented and with safe and natural ingredients. Since she said that I should give it a chance, I accepted, and now I am glad I did. No more dry skin and all of this without any sweet fragrances or other perfumes that could bother me.

Hanna T.

a student

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