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How are tampons used?

How are tampons used? Here you will receive a step-by-step guide for good-bye tampons: This is how to insert the tampon: Hold the tampon at the round end with one hand and remove the protective film at the bottom - where the blue removal cord is- by moving the film...

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Tampons & young girls

Tampons & young girls   The first bleeding means a new stage in life for young girls. It is a stage which they must get used to. This is also the case for the body. Menstruation is irregular at the beginning. It normally takes several months until the cycle...

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Menstruation occurs every four weeks

Menstruation occurs every four weeks   The very first menstruation reveals that puberty has arrived. It normally begins between 10 and 14 years of age. This indicates that the person is now of childbearing age.And here is what is happening in the body: At the...

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Tampons & Sports

Tampons & Sports   Tampons are ideal for ease of movement and while you are playing sports. They do not bother you and make you feel more secure. Tampons enable you to continue to do any activity you wish, for example, riding, dancing or gymnastics. They are...

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Why are tampons used?

Why are tampons used? The word „tampon“ is French and is literally translated as ‘plug’. This one word already says a lot. Tampons are approximately five centimeter rods which are about the same thickness as a finger and made of compressed viscose. They are inserted...

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