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My dears, today we have a review of the body lotions from Orange-Blue Cosmetics, which I got the chance to try out extensively last week. I think this brand is interesting because it is very different from other cosmetic items. Read on to find out whether...

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  BODY SCRUB VELVETY SOFT SKIN with MICROBEAD-FREE BODY Peeling I'm back with a review of a product from orange-blue Cosmetics*. This time it is a body peeling with natural ingredients, which is my favourite care product of this brand so far. Read on to find out...

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PMS – the days before the days

PMS – the days before the days   One third of all women know the difficulties of the “days before the days”. Symptoms are indeed different in each case. Some women suffer from swollen legs and others from swollen breasts while many others become irritable and...

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Tampons & Birth

Tampons & Birth   Tampons are taboo for at least six to eight weeks after giving birth. The reason for this is that the uterine wall has to heal first. The post-birth vaginal discharge takes care of cleaning out the „baby cave“ tissue. This tissue has to flow...

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Which tampon size is right for me?

Which tampon size is right for me?   Young girls should always begin with the smallest tampon size. Later on, the required absorption capacity depends on how heavy the bleeding is. As a rule, you should always use the smallest possible tampon size for your needs....

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