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A supple skin with the magical Almond Oil


Each of us enjoys having a soft and well-hydrated skin, but we all know that our skin needs adequate care in order to preserve such qualities, especially during the cold season. A dry skin doesn’t just look bad, having a dull and flaky appearance, but can also be uncomfortable, as dry skin is often itchy. It is time to get rid of all the unwanted sensations generated by dry skin. orange-blue Body Lotion Almond Oil was designed to cater to needs of every skin, including sensitive skin, with the help of a natural formula, free of parabens, mineral oils, and allergens.

Sensitive Skin



because it gets absorbed by the skin very fast, without leaving a greasy sensation behind. So, if applied after the shower or at any time you feel the need to soothe and moisturize your skin, you can get dressed immediately, as your clothes won’t stick because of the lotion you just applied. It is the safe and practical skin hydration option you’ve been looking for so long.

The secret behind the effectiveness of this body lotions lies in the pure almond oil used in its composition. It is well known that almond oil has incredible benefits when applied to the skin, nourishing it and providing it an infusion of vitamins that improve its aspect almost immediately. Almost oil is a great natural moisturizer, locking water inside the skin and repairing its protective layer. So, your skin won’t just be properly moisturized, but will also be able to stay safe in front of all the external factors that risk damaging it, such as wind, cold, sun, dust, and so on.

For a supple Skin…

Besides almond oil, the orange-blue Body Lotion Almond Oil contains shea butter as well, which is another amazing natural skin care product. This particular butter is capable of hydrating and nourishing skin in a delicate manner, even if you know that your skin is sensitive and didn’t do well with other skin lotions.

It is also great for severely dry skin, which became rough due to lack of moisture, as it manages to deeply penetrate the skin’s layer and repair its structure.

You will see considerable improvements in just a few uses. All you need to do is to apply the product evenly on the entire surface of your skin and massage gently for a minute until the lotion is absorbed.





Mineral Oil Free



Paraffin free


Silikon free

Dermatological tested



not tested on animals


for velvety soft skin