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Dermatologically-tested and made by using natural ingredients, your skin complexion will regain its radiant appearance and beautiful complexion.

Body Hygiene

Did you know that the dust in our homes is mostly made out of dead skills cells that we shed every day?

Face Care

orangeblue facial care Would you like to enjoy a smoother, plumper, and a youthful skin? Then try our skin care products developed especially for the skin on your face. more…

Hand Care

orangeblue hand care Cold weather, wind, detergents, and cleaning substances, they all affect the health and aspect of our hands’ skin. This is why we need a hand care cream that is capable of proving the protection and moisturizing our hands need. more…

Intimate Care

orangeblue intimate care Containing avocado oil and aloe vera extract, the foam created especially for intimate care and protection is gentle and easy to use, so you’ll feel amazing every single day. more…


Even when we are traveling, we still need to bring along the products that make us feel fresh and comfortable day after day. coming soon! more…

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CC Cream

70ml for 14,90 €

  • Moisturizes and pampers your skin.
  • Natural shade for an even complexion.
  • UV protection SPF 15.
  • Skin tolerance-tested.
  • 24 hour daily beauty care.

Hand Cream

150ml for 9,95 €

  • Pamper your hands with superior quality!
  • Without leaving a greasy feel.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Neutral scent.
  • Skin tolerance-tested.


200ml for 9,95 €

  • pH value: 4.7
  • Mild ingredients with lactic acid.
  • Discrete with a fresh scent.
  • For daily care of intimate areas.
  • Tested by gynaecologists.

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That’s what our customers say

orange-blue INTIMiSSIMO

As a mother, hygiene is very important and I always educated my daughter to be careful when it comes to her personal hygiene. Now that she is a teenager, I had to move to the next level and tell her intimate cleaning. But, for this, I wanted to find a safe and reliable product that wouldn’t harm her sensitive skin and cause her any discomforts. When I found this product, I decided to try it on my own first. After seeing just how gentle it is and experiencing the fresh sensation it leaves behind, I knew that my daughter was going to love it, so I immediately ordered another bottle. She really appreciated the gift and uses it with regularity, so we are both very happy with the product’s quality and natural ingredients.

Petra H.


orange-blue Hand Cream

My wife always complained about my rough hands, but when you work with tools and wood and stay in a dusty environment all day long, a dry and rough skin is what you get. Luckily, I found this cream I use each time I feel the need, especially after my working day is over and I can sense a significant difference in how my hands feel. Even my wife noticed that my hands are softer, which is great news.

Toomas M.


orange-blue Q10 Facial Care

It’s been a few years since the first fine lines and wrinkles appeared on my face, but, in spite of this, I do my best to maintain my skin hydrated. As years passed by, I noticed that the creams that I was using stopped doing their job right. I had to apply a larger quantity in order to feel my skin properly moisturized. Then I found this Q10 facial care cream and, due to the fact that it contained safe ingredients, I decided to give it a try. I have to admit that I love how my skin feels now and I don’t have to use a lot of the product to get this result because it is highly effective. It is immediately absorbed in the skin, leaving it plump and soft. .

Anna L.

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